This is a site for information and discussion about the new novel SONS OF CAIN.

You are most welcome to discuss: The Novel, Politics, Religion or anything else relative to the book here.  Please bear with us as we develop the site, and of course we are always open to suggestion to improve it.

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8 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Rita Hill says:

    Guess I will be the first to commend you on authoring a terrific book. It was an adventure of mystery, suspense, horror, good vs evil, and heroic people fighting against the evil that truly does exist in this world. I could see this making a great movie. Has all the bells and whistles. Most of all it reveals Satan and his minions that exist and temp each one of us daily. So many try to say there is no Satan. They might think twice after reading this novel. Congratulations. Hope many get the word and read it.

  2. Val says:

    Thank you Rita, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The story continues!

  3. Beverly householder says:

    Loved the book. Even though a member of a Presbyterian church, it is certainly being preached from our pulpit that there is a war going on and we need to be prepared to be in the Word each day and witness to our neighbors. Thanks for the thought provoking book.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this riveting account of good versus evil; however, I believe the main was that God is sovereign over all. You have reminded us as Christians that our battle is truly against principalities of another world, and we must always be covered by the Blood of Christ and dressed in His armor. I have fallen in love with the characters in this book and hope to hear from them again soon. Also, I appreciate and am intrigued by the factual events you wove throughout this story.

    Again, thank you for exposing the evil forces behind so many current events of our day.

  5. Brother Bianco,

    I enjoyed your book very much. I am a Knight of Columbus (who takes his ‘Knighthood’ very seriously). Spiritual Warfare agains the ‘Forces of Darkness’ is very real. I look forward to the next book in the series.

    …….In Service To One – In ServiceTo all. For God & Neighbor, I Live & Serve.

    ……..”Therefore, you should know now that it is hight time to awake from sleep, for our Salvation is nearer than we thought at first. The night is far spent and the day is at hand! So cast off the Works of Darkness and put on ‘The Armor of Light.” Romans: Chapter 13, Verses 11 and 12

    …….”A Knight may Quest for The Holy Grail over land & sea, in many climes, without avail. Yet, he may find it in the cup of cold water given to a thristy person at his own front door.”

  6. Oh yes…..One more thought: “By Our Deeds Shall Our Knighthood Be Known.”

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