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Interested in reading an independent review?  Here you go:

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  1. I am wondering how Val Bianco is now feeling that his prototype for Fr. John Picora (the Black Sheep Dog) has gone the way of Fr. Picora’s worst nightmare? I knew the man who says he ‘was once known as Fr. John Corapi’ and pray daily for his re-conversion. Presumably SONS OF CAIN was published prior to Fr. Picora’s….[or, rather, Fr. Corapi's] apparent fall from grace. Please add my sentiments of blessing and good will to the fruits of SONS OF CAIN, and my prayers and best wishes to Fr. Corapi (if such communication is possible) as he continues to imagine his future.

    • Val says:

      Father, I have never had communication with Corapi, although I
      clearly created Picora as a testament to his story long before
      the Blacksheepdog clownishness. I do pray for his return to
      spiritual sanity before his vices destroy him, but I have never
      considered turning my eyes from the Cross or the Church for a
      moment. In fact, I have spent scores of hours in discussion
      with “Corapians” attempting to explain why they could NEVER
      follow a disobedient Blacksheep. From the beginning of his
      nonsense, to me, his response disqualified any defense of his
      actions, whether or not the allegations were true.

      Thank you, for your comments Father. I gratefully accept any
      and all blessings you send to the fruits of the book, its readers,
      and my own family. May God continue to bless you and your work.


      Val Bianco

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